The checklist can be completed by a variety of health and social care professionals, who have been trained in its use. This could include, for example: registered nurses employed by the NHS, GPs, other clinicians, or local authority staff such as social workers. NHS Dorset arranges training for professionals and will only accept checklists from those who have completed the training.

If you have not received training and would like to submit a checklist, please contact us so that we can let you know how to submit a checklist.

Checklists should not be delayed because training has not been attended, and we will work with you to ensure that an individual is referred as quickly as possible. When contacting us by telephone please ensure you select the option for health and social care professionals.

All checklists (with the NHS consent form) must be submitted to NHS Dorset using an online portal called DRAR. In order to gain access, you must have completed the checklist training. Access can be requested by contacting us at

Fast-track applications

All fast-track applications must be completed and submitted by an appropriate clinician. An appropriate clinician is defined as a person who is:

  • Responsible for the diagnosis, treatment or care of the individual under the NHS 2006 Act

  • A registered nurse or registered medical practitioner

The appropriate clinician should be knowledgeable about the individual’s health needs, diagnosis, treatment or care and be able to provide an assessment of why the individual meets the fast-track criteria.

Others who are not appropriate clinicians as described, but are involved in supporting those with end-of-life needs, may identify that the individual has needs for which use of the fast-track pathway tool might be appropriate. They should contact the appropriate clinician and ask for consideration to be given to its completion.

Funded nursing care

Registered managers within nursing homes should submit a change of circumstance form to NHS Dorset within 14 days of a new patient’s admission. Nursing homes should also submit a nursing needs assessment and NHS consent form in order that NHS Dorset can assess an individual’s nursing needs as quickly as possible to avoid any delay in the payment of funded nursing care.

Please note only completed application forms will be accepted and any funded nursing care paid will only be paid from the date of admission IF the completed applications were received by NHS Dorset within 14 days of that patient’s admission.

Registered managers should also submit a change of circumstance form where they have a resident whose health needs have changed in order that we can reassess for NHS continuing healthcare and funded nursing care.

Continuing care

Referrals for continuing care can be made by a variety of professionals, including those working in primary, secondary and tertiary care, child and adolescent mental health services, community nursing teams, local authority commissioned public health, school nursing and social care.

Professionals should complete a referral form and the consent form and email them to