Who we are and what we do

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NHS Dorset Board

Who we are and what we do

NHS Dorset is the public name of NHS Dorset Integrated Care Board (ICB).

It will undertake the statutory responsibilities of the current clinical commissioning group (CCG) and will also be responsible for planning to meet the healthcare needs of people and communities in Dorset.

NHS Dorset will work with others to:

  • Improve outcomes in population health and healthcare

  • Tackle inequalities in outcome and access

  • Enhance productivity and value for money

  • Help the NHS deliver broader social and economic development, particularly post the COVID-19 pandemic

NHS Dorset will listen to people and communities across Dorset, see things from their perspective, and co-design the services that people really need going forward, so that we can support people to live healthy and happy lives from cradle to old age.


We will work more closely together across the NHS, local authorities, and many others in what is called the Dorset ‘integrated care system’. We are going to try to avoid using this phrase, and instead use ‘working together locally’.

We will be working together locally with:

An infographic of Dorset partnerships with primary care, people, communities, and the voluntary sector.

Dorset NHS Consolidated Green Plan

In Dorset, NHS Organisations are already striving to reach the targets set out in the ‘Delivering a Net Zero National Health Service’ paper in October 2020 and are proud of the achievements that we have made so far. These achievements will ensure that we will become Net Zero Carbon by 2040 and a Net Zero Carbon Plus by 2045.

A graphic of two hands reaching across a green planet