Information for patients

Information for professionals

Planning a journey to an NHS hospital appointment

Patients registered with a GP practice in Dorset may be eligible for patient transport assistance if you:

  • Are currently unable to use a car, public or community transport

  • Need skilled help to leave your home

  • Will require extra support on your journey

Booking Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Health care travel cost scheme

Booking non-emergency patient transport

If you need to book transport, call the Patient Transport Advice Centre (PTAC).

  • 01278 727457

  • 8:30am – 6:30pm

  • Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

They will ask some simple questions about your medical condition and mobility needs. They will offer other support options if needed.

When making the phone call please have available the following information:

  • Name and address

  • Date of birth

  • Telephone number

  • NHS number

  • GP details

  • Details of treatment

  • The hospital or clinic you are attending

  • Time, date and expected duration of the appointment

  • Department and consultant details

  • Type of appointment (outpatient, day case, discharge etc.)

You can find your NHS number on the appointment letter, you can ask your GP surgery, or ask a health professional who is treating you. Alternatively, you can find you NHS number on the NHS website.

Health Care Travel Cost Scheme (HC5)

If you’re referred to hospital or other NHS premises for specialist NHS treatment or diagnostic tests by a doctor, dentist, or another primary care health professional, you may be able to claim a refund of reasonable travel costs under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS).

To qualify for help with travel costs under the HTCS, you must meet 3 conditions:

  • At the time of your appointment, you, or your partner (including civil partners) must receive one of the qualifying benefits or allowances or meet the eligibility criteria for the NHS Low Income Scheme

  • You must have a referral from a healthcare professional to a specialist or a hospital for further NHS treatment or tests (often referred to as secondary care)

  • Your appointment must be on a separate visit to when the referral was made. This applies whether your treatment is provided at a different location (hospital or clinic) or on the same premises as where the GP or another health professional issued the referral

Any queries regarding Non-Emergency Patient Transport should be sent to the team via e-mail:

For healthcare providers

From the 1st July 2023 NEPTS in Dorset has changed to run as two individual services.

If you have any queries or require access the online booking portals, please contact:

Discharge and transfer – for healthcare providers

Outpatient journeys – for healthcare providers

Discharge and patient transfer

Health Transportation Group (HTG) provide transport to facilitate hospital discharge and transfers for eligible service users.

The service operates:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 22:00

Saturday – Sunday & Bank Holidays – 09:00 – 19:00

Last bookings will be accepted one hour before the end of service, all journeys must allow HTG vehicles to return to their base location within one hour of the latest collection time. This ensures safe and secure storage at the end of each day, allowing for maintenance and cleaning before the next day’s service.

Bookings for this service are to be made by healthcare staff using the HTG Cleric PTS Online portal.

However, please contact the HTG enquiry line, 01268 209655 when booking for:

  • HDU
  • Complex discharges
  • Bariatric patients
  • Patients detained under the Mental Health Act

Outpatient journeys

Health Transportation Group (HTG) provide transport to eligible service users to attend outpatient appointments both in and out of area, including renal dialysis treatment.

Bookings for this service are to be made by healthcare staff using:

Healthcare staff can also use the HTG PTS online portal.

However, please contact the HTG Call Centre 01268 209655 when booking for:

  • Patients detained under the Mental Health Act

  • Bariatric patients