We have produced a range of both clinical and corporate policies to ensure that staff provide, and patients receive high quality care and treatment. The Equality Analysis of our policies is attached at the end of each policy.

Please note: we are in the process of updating this documentation to reflect our new organisation (NHS Dorset), the policies provided and operated under have been identified as fit for purpose and have been temporarily carried over from NHS Dorset CCG.

Clinical policies

Clinical policies and criteria based access protocols in respect of treatments which are not routinely commissioned are currently being reviewed. Where reviews have been completed, the updated policy or protocol has been incorporated on this site.

If you are unable to locate a policy which relates to a specific treatment or you would like to discuss the clinical criteria for access in respect of a particular treatment then please contact:

Individual Patient Treatment Team
Vespasian House
Barrack Road

Telephone: 01305 213505

E-mail: individual.requests@nhsdorset.nhs.uk

If you need to send patient identifiable information, please e-mail: DOICB.individualrequest@nhs.net

Angioplasty for PCI in stable angina – new

Appendicectomy without confirmation of appendicitis – new

Appropriate colonoscopy in the management of hereditary colorectal cancer – new

Apronectomy abdominoplasty

Arthroscopic shoulder decompression for subacromial pain – new

Arthroscopic surgery for meniscal tears – new

Asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis – new

Benign skin lesions

Blood transfusion – new

Botulinum Toxin Type A

Botulinum Toxin Type A for overactive bladder

Breast reduction

Breast surgery not reduction


Carpal tunnel syndrome release – new

Cataract surgery – new

Chalazia removal – new

Gall stones (cholecystectomy)

Closure of patent foramen

Complimentary medicines and therapies

Cosmetic treatments (including laser treatment)

Cystoscopy for uncomplicated lower urinary tract symptoms – new

Desensitising light therapy for the management of PMLE

Dilatation and curettage for heavy menstrual bleeding – new

Dupuytren’s contracture release in adults – new

Ear wax removal

Exercise ECG for screening for coronary heart disease – new


Functional Electronic Stimulation (FES)

Fusion surgery for mechanical axial low back pain – new

Ganglion excision – new

Glaucoma referrals – new

GP checklist for infertility referrals


Haemorrhoid surgery

Helmet therapy for treatment of positional plagiocephaly brachycephaly in children – new

Hip arthroscopy

Hip replacement

Hydrocele, surgical intervention of

Hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding – new

Interventional procedures in the management of spinal pain

Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

Intervention for snoring (not OSA) – new

Invasive coronary angiography for low risk stable chest pain – new

Knee arthroscopy with osteoarthritis – new

Knee arthroscopy without osteoarthritis

Knee MRI for suspected meniscal tears – new

Knee MRI when symptoms suggestive of osteoarthritis – new

Knee replacement

Labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and hymenorrhaphy

Laryngeal surgery

Liver function creatinine kinase and lipid tests (lipid lowering therapy) – new

Lower back pain imaging – new

Lumbar discectomy – new

Lumbar radiofrequency facet joint denervation – new


MRI scan of the hip for arthritis – new

Multi-agency Pressure Ulcer Framework

Multiple chemical sensitivity

Corporate policies