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Board meetings

The NHS Dorset Board includes members of NHS Dorset executive team, partners from NHS and foundation trusts, primary medical services and local authorities. The board also includes ordinary non-executive members. The board will be collectively accountable for the performance of NHS Dorset’s functions.

Board members

Board meetings

Members of the public are invited to join the meeting either in person or virtually and are able to register in advance by sending their details to

Date Time Meeting type Papers
Friday 1 July 2022  9.30 – close Formal board NHS Dorset Board Meeting – 1 July 2022
Wednesday 20 July 2022  0830 – 1700  Additional meeting as follow-up to last CCG Governing Body meeting   NHS Dorset Board Meeting – 20 July 2022
Thursday 01 September 2022   1000– 1600    Formal Board   NHS Dorset Board Meeting – 1 September 2022

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Thursday 03 November 2022   1000 – 1600    Formal Board  
Thursday 05 January 2023   1000 – 1600    Formal Board  
Thursday 02 March 2023   1000 – 1600    Formal Board  
Information on past NHS Dorset CCG Governing Body meetings can be found on the NHS Dorset CCG website

Previous documents

View previous NHS Dorset Board meeting documentation

Participants at board meetings

The board may invite additional specified individuals to be participants at its meetings to help inform its decision making and the discharge of its functions as it sees fit. Participants may be invited to attend any or all of the board meetings, or part(s) of a meeting, by the chair.

Participants may be invited by the chair to ask questions and address the meeting but will not be able to vote. The chair may ask participants to leave the meeting if the board passes a resolution to exclude the public as per the standing orders.

Full details about the NHS Dorset Board can be found in our constitution

NHS Dorset ICB Board meetings – How to ask a question

If you’d like to ask our Board a pre-submitted question, you can do so under Part 1 of the meeting.

It is essential that sufficient time remains for the conduct of normal ICB Board business and the opportunity for questions will be time limited.

Questions should be succinct and relevant to the business of NHS Dorset Integrated Care Board (ICB).

If a question is particularly complex, it may be necessary to provide a general response to the question at the meeting with a more detailed response given in writing following the meeting.

In order to respond as fully as possible, we ask that questions be submitted to the Corporate Office no later than three working days prior to the meeting.

The Chair will read out any pre-submitted questions and associated response, both of which will be recorded in the Board minutes and published on the website with the papers for the next Board meeting.

If you are unable to attend the meeting and the timescale in seeing the response will cause an issue, please contact the Corporate Office.

Following the meeting, any questions and response not able to be raised or answered in full at the meeting will be put on a Q&A section on this page.

The Chair reserves the right to refuse any written question that is:

  • Confidential or sensitive

  • An individual complaint or matter relating to an individual’s healthcare

  • Deemed to be overly political, defamatory or vexatious

  • Substantially the same as a question that has previously been answered