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“NHS Dorset will listen to people and communities across Dorset, see things from their perspective, and co-design the services that people really need going forward, so that we can support people to live healthy and happy lives from cradle to old age.”

Jenni Douglas-Todd

Chair, NHS Dorset

NHS Dorset is the public name of NHS Dorset Integrated Care Board (ICB). NHS Dorset will undertake the statutory responsibilities of the clinical commissioning group (CCG) and will also be responsible for planning to meet the health care needs of people and communities in Dorset.

We will work more closely together across the NHS, local authorities, and many others in what is called the Dorset integrated care system.

“NHS Dorset is a great opportunity to come together as equal partners to put an end to the inflexibility that has created the existing inequalities for many of Dorset residents. These are exciting times that we all need to embrace to create a positive change for all and for the future.”

Nathalie Sherring, Chief Executive, Dorset Race Equality Council

Our people and communities

“We need to listen, to learn by trying to understand other’s lived experiences, and we need to co-design the services that people and communities in Dorset need going forward. We need to work with others to help people not just live long, healthy lives, but long lives that add quality and that’s about personal happiness.”

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Patricia Miller OBE
Chief Executive
NHS Dorset

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