An All Age Neurodevelopmental Review project is progressing in Dorset, this includes Dorset Council and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole local authority areas. This project is about service improvement and is following a cycle of assessing local needs, gathering insights, view seeking, identifying service gaps, understanding what works, and what could be improved, to then design a new and improved pathway of care.

To help give the project the best chance of success engagement is taking place with stakeholders across the Dorset Integrated Care System. This includes NHS and local authority organisations, and also the voluntary sector, parent carer groups, support groups and individuals with lived experience.

The new pathway of care is being developed through a co-design approach. This way of working has collaboration at its core; working together with those who have an interest in, or are affected by, autism to design an effective care pathway for all. Throughout Spring and Summer 2021 a series of workshops were the epicentre of the co-design process. These workshops had membership from a nominated cross-section of representatives from across Dorset. From the co-design process a series of solutions, initiatives, and options emerged; we are currently working to bring these to life through our workstreams focus areas.

This webpage will be regularly updated with progress updates and include resources for anyone to review and provide feedback on.

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Needs assessment

With the support of Dorset Public Health colleagues, a neurodevelopmental needs assessment is now available. This document will be key to inform projected demand for Autism and ADHD services and support in Dorset. It will drive all of the review workstreams.

Insights report

One of the key elements in the All Neurodevelopment Review project is understanding what current services look and feel like in Dorset.

When the project started there had already been extensive view seeking on what the current system for autism looks and feels like.

Those views were from a wide range people including service users, carers and service providers.

To focus the invaluable collection of insights and experiences to inform the design of a new autism pathway Darmax Research were commissioned to analyse the data and write a report.

The purpose of the report is to inform the co-design process. You can find out more information on the co-design process on the All Age Neurodevelopment Review homepage.

All Age Neurodevelopment Review – Insights report

Easy Read All Age Neurodevelopment Review – Insights report

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