Medicines do people a lot of good where they are effective. But medicines can also cause harm and can be wasted.  

Over the last 25 years overprescribing has become a serious problem in health systems internationally. 

The NHS has been investing in clinical pharmacists working alongside GPs to help review what matters most to you about your medicines and improve your treatment in a way that works for you. 

Structured medication reviews

Your GP surgery will be part of a primary care network. These networks will have a wide range of healthcare professionals available to help you. 

A structured medication review is a discussion about your medicines held with a healthcare professional who has been trained to provide this service, this may be a clinical pharmacist, your GP or a specially trained nurse. 

People who may benefit from a structured medication review of their medicines are invited to talk about this with their healthcare professional. You might be asked because you are taking several medicines or are taking medicines for long‑term conditions. The review can help to identify any medicines that are no longer needed or any that need the dose changed. The healthcare professional should listen to your views and take these into account. They should also think about risk factors you may have which could increase your chance of developing adverse drug reactions and if any specific monitoring is needed.  

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